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The EVMS Lite is a stripped down version of our EVMS Core, for those who only require basic functionality:

BMS master control: Communicates with BMS modules over CAN bus and takes action if any cells go out of safe voltage or temperature range.
Contactor control: Manages auxiliary contactors to allow pack break-up when not charging or driving.
Charge/drive interlock: Prevents the vehicle from being driven while charging, and vice versa.
Output for remote buzzer, to warn the driver if any cells have gone out of range.

The EVMS Lite is compatible with our EVMS Monitor, allowing vehicle status and BMS information to be viewed, but does not supply as much information as the full EVMS Core.

Stationary Applications: The EVMS settings now allows you to switch to Stationary Mode, for battery backup and off-grid applications. In this mode, the Key input enables both Main Contactor and Charge Enable outputs concurrently. An undervoltage cell will disable the Main Contactor output (to remove any loads on the battery) and an overvoltage cell will disable the Charge Enable output (to disable any charging sources). In both cases the outputs are re-enabled once the voltage has recovered by 0.4V (i.e there is 0.2V hysteresis around the configured thresholds).

Note: If operating the Lite without a Monitor, we will need to pre-program the device with information about BMS cell counts and types. We will contact you to discuss if this is the case.

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- Power supply: 13.5V nominal (8-20V max)
Current consumption: 5mA idle, 25mA running
Contactor outputs rated at up to 5A
Dual CAN bus ports (5-pin Molex KK)
Dimensions: 82x56x10mm
Weight: 50g

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