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These are an inexpensive crimping tool which will save you a lot of time and effort if you have a large number of Molex C-Grid SL connectors to assemble, as used on our BMS modules and CAN connectors.

The tool has two sets of jaws, one for AWG24-28 and one for AWG20-24. Each set of jaws has a smaller side for crimping the pin to the wire, and a larger side for crimping pin wings to insulation.

With the right tool, crimping alone is generally reliable enough, though you may wish to add a touch of solder to pins after crimping for extra security.

Please refer to PDF guide (right) for some instructions on how to use this tool to assemble CAN connectors for ZEVA devices.

Also available from Altronics (if that's easier for you), part number T1537.

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Datasheets & Manuals:

How to assemble CAN connectors.pdf


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