8-cell Battery Monitor Module


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Lithium batteries have been a revolution in energy storage, but can be easily damaged if overcharged or over-discharged. In battery packs built from many cells, the overall pack voltage offers no guarantee of individual cells remaining within safe voltage range. Therefore a battery management system is required to monitor individual cells voltages and respond if any cells go out of range.

This tiny board monitors the voltage of up to 8 cells and uses dual onboard Solid State Relays to signal when all cells are within safe voltage range (no cells overvoltage and no cells undervoltage). There are also dual LEDs which mirror relay status for visual status feedback.

Boards are available in three variants:

Momentary output: Relays open only while cells are out of range. For use with multiple modules in series plus a master control unit.

Latching output: Relays open and stay open if cells go out of range, manual reset required to re-enable outputs. For single modules monitoring 3-8 cell packs without a master control unit.

Momentary with Hysteresis: Relays have different thresholds for turning off and turning back on, allowing automatic resetting of outputs without rapid power cycling. Commonly used for stationary battery systems, UPSs, etc.

All modules now come supplied with locking connectors (Molex C-Grid SL), with plugs included to suit onboard sockets.

Note: This battery monitoring board does not offer active balancing of cells. Lithium battery packs should be manually balanced when first assembled.

Please view the manual/datasheet for further information on the module's operation.

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- Monitor 3-8 cells per module
Automatic cell count detection
Over-voltage threshold: 3.8V
Under-voltage threshold: 2.5V
Sampling rate: 10Hz
Dimensions: 60x37x5mm
Dual Solid State Relay (SSR) outputs, 500mA max
Status LEDs for visual feedback
Power consumption: 9mA with both SSRs on, 3.5mA SSRs off

Datasheets & Manuals:

BMM8 v1-6 Manual.pdf


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